Interim Leadership and Search

Yes, we do Interim Executive Leadership Engagements, have a strong track record, and are Charter Members of the National Association of Interim Executive Directors. And yes, during this process we work well with people, helping settle nerves during what usually is an emotional transition.  And we do other things with people as well:


  • HR Audit
  • Leadership Transition Consulting
  • Executive Search
  • Mentor Matches: Long Term, Pro Bono Consulting Relationships
  • Board Development

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Strategic Planning and Innovation

We have a long history in creating programs, seeking innovative solutions — all generally in contexts with limited resources.  In fact, we believe some of the best ideas come out of necessity — “the mother of invention”.  As we pursue ideas, we bring analysis and data to the table, as follows:


  • Strategic Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Facilitation of Partnership Conversations

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Collaboration, Partnerships and Community Engagement

We deeply, deeply believe in the importance of collaboration and partnerships.  In this era of limited resources, in our sector with so many challenges  — we believe thoughtful partnerships bring greater impact for the community.  We do this in the course of work, and also in uniquely scoped efforts.  For example, we will:


  • FP and NFP Sessions, Learning from Each Other – we can arrange meetings, community specific, to bring together key leaders from the fundamental sectors of any society – business, nonprofit, public sector.
  • Auditing Cities from an NFP Perspective — we can consult with cities to assess their interest and capacity with respect nonprofit collaborations.  We can also provide training to develop better understanding as to how/why nonprofits do what they do.


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Good work, getting better.


We do this consulting work after a long history of actually doing the work.  We differentiate ourselves by our history of service and for our vision of the future.  We will not disappoint, and we intend to enjoy the journey with you, along the way.


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