. . . ’cause = if you’re in nonprofits, you know, we just go

We aspire for this to be truth telling by, for and about the nonprofit sector. Twice a month, we tell share the stories about the people, the drama, the dynamics of the nonprofit sector. The genesis of this podcast show was pre-COVID 19, but obviously we are in a state of COVID 19, so many of the first shows honor that reality. The show consists of a quick review of news and books, narratives, blue to red connections, and quizzes for people that work in nonprofits. Get one thing right, if you are in a nonprofit, you just go.

NGO A GoGo, a podcast by, for, and about the nonprofit sector is up and running!  You can listen to shows here:

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Always looking for show guests and themes, so welcome emails with insights! And yes, please give it some stars, share around — and help me amplify important conversations!

And my Medium posts, regarding a broad of issues, are here.